TRVL 40L: Travel Backpack Sewing Guide – Max Airline Carry On (coming soon)


Its taking me longer than I wanted to get the patterns and instructions finished, so I’m offering a draft version of the pattern I used for free.

It is the same printouts I used to produce the bag in the photo, but is not final and may be adjusted before final release

No instructions yet, but if you download the finished TRVL20 sewing guide, the instructions are essentially the same but with different lengths in the shopping list.

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Laptop pocket from 20L pack will be an option.
Internal pocket options

Maximise your travel capacity and organisation with the MYOG Tutorials/Prickly Gorse personal item sized travel backpack.

Commercial quality backpack with beginner friendly instructions. Share in the “I can’t believe that is homemade” experience.

Let’s redefine modern travel one stitch at a time.


40L capacity, shaped to maximise carrying capacity.

Clamshell suitcase-style opening, enabling seamless packing and organization, and easy access both during transit and at your destination.

Maximum carry on size

Several thoughtfully placed pockets, which you can opt out of on your build for a streamlined bag. Ample room for essential tech gadgets, documents, accessories, toiletries, snacks, and more

  • Two front pockets with their own volume, separate to the main compartment
  • Under lid pocket
  • Inside pockets
  • Laptop sleeve separate from the main compartment, with false bottom and it’s own volume, so you can always get your laptop in and out regardless of your packing.
  • Side stretch pocket, because hydration is important (not compatible with compression straps option).
  • Base rain cover pocket

Ergonomically designed shoulder straps taken from my multi-day hiking backpack patterns, to ensure comfortable wear even after hours spent navigating busy terminals or exploring new cities. These can take an optional stretchy shoulder strap pocket, similar to that found on ultralight backpacks.

Durable design. Every seam has reinforcement stitching, and the pattern is designed to be as accessible as possible for most sewing machines.

Comfy carry handles.

Commercial quality backpack and instructions and pattern for pocket money pricing.

Not for commercial use.

Pattern and Full Instructions

US Letter, A4 and A0 paper sizes

This is a relatively complicated build, but the instructions are catered as much as possible to people with only modest sewing experience.

Options where necessary for people with lower powered sewing machines.