Sewing Tutorials to Make Your Own Gear (MYOG)!

Our sewing guides aim to be the definitive guides for starting out making your own outdoor gear, from total beginner to expert. Detailed, beginner friendly instructions and patterns. No confusing abbreviations, all techniques explained, and explanations of why choices are made. You will finish a Prickly Gorse/MYOG Tutorials project with a greater understanding, as well as an awesome new bag!

Each guide comes with a free 25 page beginners sewing guide, very detailed instructions tailored to both home and industrial sewing machines, a shopping list, and a printable pattern to give you the best head start on your projects.

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Backpacking / Hiking / EDC

25L Ultralight Day Pack
40L Ultralight Frameless* Backpack
40L Ultralight Framed Backpack
60L Ultralight Framed Backpack
TRVL 15L Ryanair Sized Travel Backpack
TRVL 20L Underseat Sized Travel Backpack / Climbing Crag Bag
TRVL 32L Travel Backpack
40L Max Carry-On Travel Backpack (coming soon)
FREE: Zipped Shoulder Strap Pocket, 2 sizes
Backpack Hip Belt Pockets
Ultralight Hip/Fanny Pack – 2 Sizes
FREE: Clamshell Packing Cubes
FREE: Small Crossbody Sling EDC Bag
FREE: Draft Large Crossbody Sling EDC Bag – Front Loader Hinge
FREE: Large Fanny/Hip/Shoulder bag with darted front pocket.
FREE: Zipped clamshell accessory pouch
FREE: Custom boxed zip pouch (storage bag) calculator
FREE: Roll Top Bag (Dry Sack) Calculator
FREE: Tent Peg Bag

Bikepacking / Cycling / Commuting

17L Bikepacking Seatpack
9L Bikepacking Seatpack
3L Seatpack
Barrel/Burrito Handlebar Bag 1.5L & 3L
Handlebar Stem/Feed Bag
Top Tube Bag, Small and Large
FREE: 20L Pannier
FREE: 15L Pannier
FREE: 10L Pannier
FREE: Custom Zipped Frame Bag
FREE: Roll Top Rack Bag
FREE: Zipped Rack Top Bag (no instructions yet)
Handlebar Pogies
FREE: 3 Litre Roll-top Handlebar Bag (no instructions yet)
FREE: Large Fanny/Hip/Shoulder bag with darted front pocket.
FREE: Zipped clamshell accessory pouch
FREE: Roll Top Bag (Dry Sack) Calculator
FREE: Custom boxed zip pouch (storage bag) calculator
FREE: Tent Peg Bag
Bike Manual Trainer/Vertical Bike Rack


Climbing Chalk Bag
Climbing Boulder Bucket

My travel backpacks make excellent crag bags



Other Sports

FREE: Roller Skate / Boot Bag Pattern
FREE: Clamshell Packing Cubes
FREE: Shepherds Sling – Rock Slinger Camp ‘Toy’

Sewing Tools

FREE: Webbing Ladder Printable Template
FREE: Inkscape Auto Gusset Extension (Unroll to straight)
FREE: Inkscape Quick Measure Extension
FREE: Inkscape Multi Page Templates
FREE: Custom boxed zip pouch (storage bag) calculator
FREE: Roll Top Bag (Dry Sack) Calculator
FREE: Inkscape Tiled Pattern Generator for Custom Fabric Printing
FREE: All my articles about sewing techniques and more

Other Useful Ideas


Tyvek is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to make a groundsheet for your tent, UL picnic sheet. You can also make tarps if you reinforce the grommets with duct tape or tyvek tape

Can be found by the metre on eBay and some ultralight / backpacking / bikepacking websites. It doesn’t fray, so you can simply cut to shape. Tyvek tape can be used to reinforce areas if you want eyelets, but this tape can be a bit trickier to find in small quantities.

Alcohol Stove

Simply put 2 rows of holes around the top of a cleaned out small cat food tin, to make the ‘Super Cat’. Or cut open the bottom, make a inch or so wide hole in the bottom, and some holes around the top to make a chimney/side burner stove. Can use a hole punch (right side image example), or one of those punches you hammer into things (middle), or a knife to make the holes.

Burns hot, blooms (heats up ready to cook) fast, slightly dangerous, can’t be easily extinguished, great fun

Ultralight Towel

Bear with me on this. Those colourful cellulose sponge sheets in the cleaning aisle make surprisingly good towel alternatives. Incredibly absorbent, and also amazing for wiping condensation from your tent. Make sure to thoroughly wash any soap and cleaning stuff out of them first.

Waterproof Shoe Liners

Bread bags, that’s it. I don’t carry camp shoes or use waterproof shoes. Instead when I’m at camp I put on my dry camp socks, and if I need to pop out the tent for whatever reason I put on a pair of bread bags to keep my socks dry and cozy.

No-Sew Cinch/Compression Straps

Super easy way to make straps when you don’t have access to a sewing machine. Simply use a triglide buckle on one end to make a loop (when using G hooks) or a hoop that holds the female buckle end (side release buckles), then add your adjustable buckle to the other end. As long as your webbing isn’t too thin, and it rarely is, the triglide will hold firm and you’ll have a solid strap.