Some people swear by pen and paper for patterning, however I prefer digital design. Here are a growing collection of tools I’ve made for patterning and making my own outdoor gear.

I’m releasing the tools I’ve created to make my sewing guides to help you also make some really cool stuff. If you find these useful and want to donate to help support teaching people how to sew, design and get outdoors with their own creations, feel free to purchase a random sewing guide from this site, or throw some spare change at me via PayPal 🙂

I’d love to see anything cool that you make with these. Feel free to share on social media #pricklygorse or contact me using the socials or form above!

Inkscape Extension: Unroll to Straight

The easiest way to make automatically generate gussets for your bags (e.g. the middle strip of a custom frame bag), or turn a curve into a straight line while maintaining the alignment mark spacings. Huge time saver

Overview image showing example output from the extension

Inkscape Extension: Quick Measure

Quickly measure lengths of paths, the segment lengths, and the cumulative positions of nodes along a path. A lot more useful than initially appears.

Pattern Generators

Boxed pouch and roll top bag pattern generators now available on the sewing guides page!

Webbing Ladder Printable Template

I hate sewing webbing ladders/molle on bags. I used to mark the lines on masking tape and hated every customer who wanted a full ladder on bike frame bags. Made this, life got better. Yours will too.

Inkscape Extension: Generate Tiled Page Layouts

Auto generates a grid of tiled pages based on your selected item and your desired page dimensions for making multi-page technical drawings, sewing patterns, etc.

Inkscape has an unfixable limitation so the extension is a bit too buggy to release, so I’ve generated a few pre-made templates you can use instead

Inkscape: Generate Seamless Textures/Patterns

Make your seamless tiled images for printing onto fabric. See the MYOG suppliers page for recommended custom printing services

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