MAY 2024 NEW RELEASE: The TRVL 32L Travel Backpack sewing guide.

The most feature rich travel backpack sewing guide currently available. Make your own commercial quality travel backpack with our beginner friendly instructions.
Customisable to suit your travel style!

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Handmade commercial quality gear from beginner friendly instructions.

Share in the “I can’t believe that is homemade” experience. Start making your own outdoor gear the stress-free way, from your first stitch to professional maker.

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Local fabric shop not have any outdoor fabrics? Check out this curated list of recommended fabric suppliers worldwide!

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Don’t follow instructions, take the lead and design your own gear from a blank canvas with these tools. Open source software plugins and more.

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Fabrics can be a bit overwhelming when starting out. Check out this primer to getting the right fabrics for your project.

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Empower yourself to design your own gear, while learning helpful tips and tricks to make the process of sewing your ideas into reality seamless.

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Clothing – No imminent plans. Clothing doesn’t change much, just the fabrics, so why not purchase a fairly priced hoody or shorts pattern from your local sewing shop and try making with modern fabrics.

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(Prickly Gorse)

Procrastination from my PhD thesis led to buying a cheap vintage sewing machine to sew a custom bike frame bag for future adventures. This grew into a few years of selling custom bikepacking and backpacking gear as Prickly Gorse. But I missed teaching at uni and seeing what others can achieve when given new knowledge, so I’ve decided to share my outdoor gear designs and skills learnt. MYOG Tutorials is the new home for Prickly Gorse Sewing guides, and much more, to help you get started making your own custom outdoor gear!