FREE: Roller Skate / Boot Bag Pattern

Simple pattern for a roller skate bag. No instructions yet, but should be simple enough to make.

  • Add zip with 3/8 in seam allowance
  • Trim Base and Top to match width if the panel dimensions slightly change after sewing the zip on.
  • Sew loops with D ring attached so you can clip on a carry strap
  • If you add a liner fabric on top of Base made from a lighter weight fabric such as ripstop, and leave one end open, you can slide in a plastic stiffener piece after finishing the bag.
  • Sew Base and Top together at the correct edges
  • Sew this loop onto both Side pieces, remembering the bag is sewn inside out first, then inverted the correct way

Two sizes:

Large – 38cm wide, 42 cm tall, 20cm deep

Small – 32cm wide, 33cm tall, 20cm deep

Happy skating 🙂

Should be fairly universal. The small one fits the selection of quads and inlines in my house anyway! Large is based around on a ski boot bag

Printable PDF Pattern (full instructions in the future)

US Letter, and A4 paper sizes

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